The Journey Begins (nearly)

Sunday (AM), 27 January 2019

Western Port Marina, Hastings VIC

After months of planning and preparation the “Freedom Sail” is about to commence.

Rob the Smurf cleans up Chimere’s bottom
The “after shot”, with the undercoat drying

This afternoon, our trusty crew of four … that’s me, Alistair, Bill and Rosie … will go aboard Chimere at the Westernport Marina. After completing a range of last minute tasks (there’s quite a few still on the list) we aim to head away in the morning on the outgoing tide (the Ebb).

If all goes to plan, you should be able to track our path – our location, track, speed, heading etc … at the following site …

A week ago it was still VERY messy aboard
From any angle, Chimere looked like a fix-er-upper a week ago …

The Freedom Sail celebrates my retirement last year and is planned to take in a circumnavigation of Tasmania … that country to the south of Australia. Although I believe they are quite sensitive to “jokes” like that down there …

Our course will take us diagonally across Bass Strait to the NE tip of Tassie, (a slight modification to the course shown on the map below, which has us first stopping at Devonport) and from there down the east coast and then up the west coast over a period of 48 days.

The Freedom Sail … a circumnavigation in 9 Stages

The great thing about this particular sail is that Linda and friends, Liz and Murray, will be taking a car across in the next few days so as to join us at different stages, enabling them to enjoy some of the more sheltered sailing regions – eg Coles Bay, Maria Island, Port Arthur and south of Hobart

There will also be the Wooden Boat Festival to enjoy … … with our return course taking in the remote west coast … Port Davey, Bathurst Harbour, Strahan, Macquarie Habour (through Hell’s Gate) and the Gordon River.

Along the way, we hope to have inter-web connections so we can upload photos and a record of the Ship’s Log … or at least my version of it.

A big thank you to those who have assisted in getting Chimere ready for sea, and all the volunteer crew who have signed up for different stages. If all goes to plan we are in for an adventure of a lifetime !!

Yes it’s Bass Strait … and a photo from a previous cruise (2014) at Hunter Island, just south of King Island

As we prepare for our departure, the good news is that the current weather forecast looks favourable; in terms of wind direction, strength and sea conditions. (All subject to change of course, see store for details, and get a second opinion…)

Smooth seas, fair breeze and the journey begins (nearly)

Rob Latimer


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