The BIG blue …

Monday (AM), 28 January 2019

Leaving Western Port, Course 118 degrees

It was an early morning start, but finally we were underway…

Sleep came easily if the sound of snoring aboard was any guide.  Not mine of course, I couldn’t hear that.

We were up at 5:00am as agreed and after breakfast and some leisurely preparation, the lines were finally untied around 6:00am and Chimere backed out of her berth and finally set sail.

Just about to untie the lines in the morning light

When I say “sail” … there were no sails involved, just the engine, because there was no wind.  The morning light was starting to reveal our surroundings, with the dew and chill disguising the fact that the forecast was for a temperature of around 30 degrees; on land.

Alistair, Bill and Rob

Bill, Alistair and Rosie at the start of the voyage

It’s now approaching 8:00am, we are nearing the Nobbies on Phillip Island (home of the penguins, and motor racing) and the warmth of the sun is starting to penetrate. 

Alistair is on watch, making sure we don’t do damage to one of the many (many, many) fishing boats that are taking advantage of today being a holiday (Australia Day long week-end)  It is definitely a bad day for the fish today.  There must be 30 or 40 small craft in sight as we make our way down the bay.

Phillip Island to our left as we make our way out into Bass Strait

Rosie was kind enough to take charge of making tea and toast for us all, and Bill is generally keeping watch too as we soak up the beautiful surroundings and the fact that we are FINALLY underway.

As for me, I’m currently jotting down a few words on the computer and will soon be organising work gangs to stain the toe rail, scrub the decks and generally attend to a range of tasks aboard … when I said “South Pacific Cruise”, you didn’t think it was a “pleasure” cruise did you?! (Insert emoji of a joking, laughing face here)

The combination of the outgoing tide and the engine has us doing around 7.5 knots (multiply by 1.8 to get km/h) and I suppose we’ll have to put up some sails once we find the wind … or it finds us.  The wind is expected from the W-NW region, so it will mean a smooth ride as we head roughly SE.

Smooth seas, fair breeze and out into the BIG Blue

Rob Latimer


One thought on “The BIG blue …

  1. Hi Rob and crew – glad to hear you are away safely. Pray that you find some wind today and wishin’ I was there!!!

    Take care,


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