A very quiet day

Sunday 3 March 2019

North Inlet, behind Black Swan Is.  (Port Davey)

The morning saw a shroud of mist, drizzle and smoke on the surrounding hilltops as we up-anchored and departed Forest Bay around 9:30am

If yesterday was summer, today is much closer to winter … or at least a cold day in spring.

Carefully following the “breadcrumbs” left on our chart plotter on the way in, it was now time to explore Bathurst Harbour, with our sights set on cruising past Eds Cove and onto Black Swan Island at the entrance to North Inlet

Leaving Forest Bay it was very misty and considerably cooler than the day before
It might have been smoke, mist or a mix of both
Beautiful scenery at every turn

It was only a matter of a few miles but once we’d dropped anchor and turned off the engine in the isolation of North Inlet – surrounded on all sides by sea and rocky-green mountains – we found ourselves silent and just staring at the stillness.

The birds were chirping in the trees close by and there was barely a breath of air or ripple on the water.

There were few words spoken, then someone said … “why are we whispering?” … it was just that kind of place.

The water is brown from the tannin in the rivers and leaves a sudsy wake
The water’s surface sometimes broke up into what we called Alphabet Soup noodle shapes
Quiet at anchor behind Black Swan Island – at 10-15 degrees it was quite a bit cooler than the 35 degrees of the day before

In one sense there was very little done today.  Besides soaking up the vibe of the surroundings.  I went back to sleep for a couple of hours … as did Ray at some stage during the day.  Isabel and Jacqui made a lovely soup for lunch, then a spinach pie for dinner.  Both up to their usual, amazing standards !!

John and I went for a spin in the dinghy after we’d figured it wasn’t going to rain anymore and after John did a more permanent soldering job on the HF radio aerial I was able to pick up two forecasts today covering the next three days. 

John and Rob take a spin in the dinghy and land on tiny Black Swan Island
Black Swan Island
Is that a patch of blue?!
Look !! It’s starting to clear

There was much less communication on the VHF radio today – in fact none that I can recall.  Some yachts have grabbed the opportunity to head up the coast before the north west wind and swell start up again, and another we suspect has gone south before the south west wind takes over in two days’ time

A day of relaxation aboard – Jacqui rugged up with a book
Isabel and Ray fill in the evening at anchor

Our current plan is to explore Port Davey further tomorrow (Monday) and half of the next day, before sailing for Port Macquarie through the night of Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  The key objective being to arrive at the entrance of Port Macquarie – known affectionately as “Hell’s Gate” – during daylight hours!!

Other than that, there’s very little to report, other than we probably had more morning and afternoon teas today than usual, Isabel is progressing well wither her knitting and we all read more today than average

Smooth seas, fair breeze and A very quiet day

Rob Latimer


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