Up at 5:00 away by 5:30…

Sunday (PM), 27 January 2019

Western Port, Hastings VIC

Everything aboard Chimere is packed away or lashed down.  Water and fuel tanks are full and there’s a definite sense of anticipation as we indulge in a tot or two of Aldi, “Keeper’s Glove”, $4.99 Tawny Port (for medicinal purposes only of course) …

The “Before” shot …

The plan for tomorrow then is to be up at 5:00am so that we can get away at first light, ideally around 5:30, or maybe 6:00.  The trick being to catch the outgoing tide, which will definitely add a couple of knots to our speed.

The weather forecast remains encouraging and we are looking forward to a relatively smooth start to the cruise, Starting with a 30 hour trek diagonally across Bass Strait in a south easterly direction.

Thank you so much to our ground-crew Linda, who assisted with all the last minute transport, packing and food purchasing !!  Linda will be travelling over to Tassie with friends Liz and Murray (by plane and ferry) in a couple of days.  So, unlike many of the past sailing ventures, this time we’ll get to see each other along the way.

Ground-crew Linda says good-bye … but we will meet up again in Tassie in just a few day!

It’s now nearly 11:00pm (23:00 hours) sleep is overtaking us and so cheerio until tomorrow.

The trusty crew, Bill, Alistair, Rosie and Rob – all packed and ready to go !

Smooth seas, fair breeze and away by 5:30am

Rob Latimer


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